First Round March Madness Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting is the most exciting time of the basketball season.

Within that time period, the most hectic action is during the first two days, or the early rounds of the March Madness brackets.  Thursday and Friday as the tournament begins is something to behold and a betting event that is really unmatched.

March Madness betting presents us with various challenges.  The tournament is really a three week event that changes with each subsequent round.  Today we want to concentrate on the first round of the March Madness brackets.

As we look at March Madness betting brackets in the first round we can pretty much throw out the #1 vs. #16 game where the #1 seed is a heavy favorite.  There has not been much value in either side of these matchups in March Madness betting and it is very hard to make a case for either side.  You either lay a ton of points or take a crap team getting a lot of points.  Neither of those options has much appeal in March Madness betting.  The #2 vs. #15 matchup is not much better but at least with the #15 seeds you can sometimes catch some value on the March Madness betting line.  The #3 vs. #14 seed matchup has surprisingly shown the #3 seeds do pretty well against the March Madness betting pointspread.  That could be because the #3 seeds feel less pressure than the top seeds and come into the tournament playing loose.  The #4 vs. #13 seed has leaned toward the underdog over the years and it seems like one of the #4 seeds tends to lose outright every season in March Madness betting. The #5 vs. # 12 seed matchup in March Madness brackets has been a betting bonanza for the underdog #12 seed throughout the years.  Taking the #12 seed is nearly an automatic play every year in March Madness betting.  The #6 vs. #11 seed matchup also leans heavily toward the dog.  This March Madness betting matchup doesn’t even have the big line that some of the earlier matchups would have.  The #7 vs. #10 seed matchup is another one that leans heavily toward the underdog and usually without fail we will see at least one #10 seed as an outright winner each year in March Madness betting.  The #8 vs. #9 matchup is really a tossup with very little advantage either way in March Madness betting.

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