Favorites Get Action in 2010 Sweet Sixteen Betting

February 19th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

Sweet Sixteen betting is when the power teams rise to the top.

There are not as many Cinderella stories when it gets to the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament but there are still a few.  Sweet Sixteen odds give you more time to analyze the games since there are only eight games on the board and favorites get a lot of action.

Sweet Sixteen betting usually has three of four power teams remaining with a couple of true Cinderella stories.  Then you have about another ten teams that are in the mix but not likely to win it all.  There are some different things to consider as you look at betting the Sweet Sixteen odds.  Keep in mind that the upsets that happened in the first two rounds don’t happen much in Sweet Sixteen betting. The underdogs simply don’t last in this round of betting.  In the first couple of rounds the infatuation with underdogs works okay but that changes in Sweet Sixteen betting.  The public will have their Cinderella teams but you probably don’t want to follow them.  Sweet Sixteen betting is usually where the favorites do quite well.

With Sweet Sixteen betting you are not going to get a look-ahead factor.  The big names teams will take these games seriously where in the first round they may have gotten a big lead and let up a bit. That won’t happen with Sweet Sixteen odds.  There are no letdowns when it gets to this point. What that means is that the Cinderella and underdog teams have to outplay the favorites and that doesn’t happen very often.

When you look at Sweet Sixteen odds you may want to go with the favorites, unlike what you did in the early rounds.  You really want to look for reasons to take the favored team in Sweet Sixteen betting while in the first round you wanted to look for reasons to take the dog.  Favorites do better as the tournament progresses and that really applies to Sweet Sixteen betting.

As you examine the odds for Sweet Sixteen betting remember to give the favorites a lot of respect.  You can occasionally take an underdog but you should realize that the best teams usually win in this round and unless a team is simply shooting lights out, the favorites have a good shot in Sweet Sixteen betting.

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