Favorites for March Madness Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting favorites get a lot of money during the NCAA Tournament as gamblers bet on teams like Kansas, North Carolina, Duke, Connecticut and others.

If you want to make money when looking at the March Madness brackets then you must develop the same mentality as an oddsmaker rather than as a gambler.

March Madness betting is a lot more profitable if you are willing to take underdogs. One of the most common and obvious mistakes made in March Madness betting is laying too many points with popular and well known teams. College basketball teams such as Kansas, UCLA, Duke, North Carolina, and others are often laying too many points in March Madness betting. Many public bettors won’t care how many points these teams are laying in March Madness betting. They will take them anyway.

Now obviously, a smart and savvy gambler wants to have his money on the better team whenever he can in March Madness betting but at the same time he wants to avoid laying too many points. What does a handicapper do to strike the right balance of quality and value in March Madness betting? The answer is to be patient and wait for these same teams that are big favorites to become bargains, which normally happens when they are a dog in March Madness betting. All of a sudden the traditional powers have some value added to their quality and you have yourself a potentially solid bet in the March Madness brackets.

There is no better play and value in March Madness betting than a power dog. The concept of the power dog does require patience, however, as it is not a routine occurrence on the March Madness brackets but yet it does happen enough. When a power team is getting points in March Madness betting, they have been transformed from a bad value play into a strong and dangerous value selection that gives the bettor maximum value for his bankroll.

Power teams as underdogs against other power teams are the way to get value in the March Madness brackets. The public is more often than not going to lay the points, regardless of the two teams involved. The public bets favorites in March Madness betting, period.

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