Factors in March Madness Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds can be looked at from a variety of ways when you are looking to pick winners

Some factors are more important than others though and if you can eliminate the irrelevant ones it will help you pick more winners versus the March Madness betting lines.

March Madness odds will have a lot of statistics and data for each team. Some of that data is helpful versus March Madness betting lines while some of it is not. One of the ways that teams are rated in college basketball is by the RPI. It is a rating that is supposed to help people see how good a team is and even pick winners. The reality is that the RPI is really not a very good indicator of what will happen in terms of March Madness odds. The rating just doesn’t do you any good when you are looking to pick March Madness odds winners.

Another factor that is overrated is the conference tournament winner. Many people look at a team that won their conference tournament as a strong bet in March Madness odds. That theory has not done very well in past March Madness odds history. Just because a team won their conference tournament doesn’t mean anything when the “Big Dance” starts in terms of March Madness betting lines.

Another big factor to ignore when looking at March Madness odds is the seeding. The seeding is not done very well by the NCAA Tournament committee and their system for deciding the seeds is poor and always has been. If you want to pick more winners in March Madness odds then ignore the seeds, especially when it comes to #2 through #10. Obviously the #1 and #16 seeds are good and poor respectively, but many of the other ones are meaningless in terms of March Madness odds.

March Madness odds are best handicapped by starting from scratch. Regular season results and conference tournament results don’t mean a whole lot. Seeding doesn’t mean much and the RPI doesn’t hold much weight. If you can eliminate the irrelevant factors when looking at March Madness betting lines you can start to look at important things like road record, experience, etc. Keep that in mind as you handicap March Madness odds this season.

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