Everyone Follows March Madness Odds

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds are followed by millions of people around the world. The tournament began on Thursday and doesn’t end until next month.

There are a number of games each week in March Madness betting and all of them attract a lot of interest.

March Madness odds can be so popular that people skip work to watch the games. It is like the Super Bowl or the World Series in many respects.  In fact, March Madness betting is followed more heavily than either of those two events.  It is three weeks of great action in March Madness odds.

What makes March Madness odds very popular are the brackets. Everyone loves to pick the games and fill out a bracket. It starts with the #1 seeds vs. the #16 seeds and continues right up until the Final Four and championship game. There are people who didn’t watch college hoops all year that will tune in and watch the NCAA Tournament on CBS.  Even the President of the United States fills out a bracket and picks who he believes will win the tournament.

The 2010 NCAA Tournament features top-ranked Kansas and a number of o the marquee teams like Kentucky and Syracuse. There are also the underdog stories like Old Dominion and Northern Iowa.  Unlike some of the past few tournaments, upsets are happening this year in March Madness odds.  Top seeds are no guarantee to win.  That should make the brackets more unpredictable and it should make the games very exciting.  It is extremely unlikely that all of the top seeds will advance to the Final Four. It has happened only once in history and is unlikely to happen this year. The games should be close, the action exciting and the interest level higher than on most other sports.

As you bet March Madness you have a lot of choices to consider.  You have sides and you also have totals.  Every single game has a total and you may want to do a little research as you consider the totals.  Not many people do enough research on the totals and that is too bad since they are a great way to make money in March Madness. You can also do research on trends for each particular round. There are so many different possibilities for you during March Madness and that makes it a great time of the year.

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