Emotion in March Madness Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting gives gamblers great excitement and excellent chances to make money.

When you talk about March Madness betting there is no doubt that emotion has to play a part in the overall handicapping process. When you look at the March Madness bracket you must be aware of the emotion factor.

March Madness betting is definitely different than NBA or regular season college basketball betting.  The emotion is much greater from teams in the March Madness bracket because it is win or go home.  This is important to remember as you get involved in March Madness betting.  Teams usually give it their best shot during the NCAA Tournament.  College basketball is more of a sport that lends itself to emotion anyway and that really is the case with March Madness betting.  The only time you see emotion in the NBA really bubble over is in revenge games and in the playoffs.  With March Madness betting you oftentimes see it on a regular basis.  This emotion often starts before the March Madness bracket begins.  College basketball conference tournaments really start March Madness betting.  This is where many teams qualify for the Big Dance and the emotion is very intense.  Some gamblers forget that March Madness betting really begins with these tournaments.

What you want to remember about emotion in March Madness betting is that it is a factor. Like anything else, you don’t want to base your entire handicapping approach around one factor, but remember that college kids are emotional and will react as such. Sports like the NBA, NFL, and NHL have less emotion on a day to day basis simply for the fact that their seasons are so long.  The March Madness betting season lasts just over a month and it is filled with emotion.  Also don’t forget that there is the NIT to consider.  There are only half as many teams but there is emotion involved in the NIT as well.

You always want the more motivated team when you are betting the March Madness bracket.  This is usually equal when it comes to the NCAA Tournament but it definitely is not in the NIT.  You will have teams that are more emotional in the NIT versus teams that are not.  That is usually not the case in the NCAA Tournament since every team is happy to be there.  Just keep the emotional factor involved as you look at March Madness betting this season.

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