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December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Elite Eight odds show that big underdogs rarely win the games straight up.

Usually in Elite Eight odds you will have a #1 seed taking on a #2 seed about 25% of the time while the #1 seed faces a lower seed much more often. Rarely does the lower seed beat the power team in Elite Eight odds. Let’s take a look at more Elite Eight March Madness odds numbers.

Elite Eight odds have probably had the highest number of blowouts although that doesn’t mean favorites always do well against the spread. History has just shown that when favorites cover in Elite Eight odds the games are not usually close. Some numbers to keep in mind as you look at Elite Eight odds are that some #1 seeds will advance. In fact, in NCAA Tournament history at least one #1 seed has always made it to the Final Four. Conversely, never have all four #1 seeds made it. Usually it is either one or two in March Madness odds. In Elite Eight odds if you have #3, #4 or #5 seeds still alive they usually do well. In the last five years the #3 seeds win almost 80% of the time straight up. #4 seeds are even better at over 80% straight up. #5 seeds are unbeaten the last 10 years if they make this round. Conversely, #6 seeds have never won in Elite Eight odds straight up in the last decade or so.

Since we know that underdogs do pretty well in Elite Eight odds we have to figure out where they come from. We know that there are a lot of blowouts so that means small underdogs are great bets in March Madness odds in this round. Elite Eight odds show that underdogs of less than 7 points have covered over 60% of the time. If the ACC and Big 10 get to the Elite Eight they are usually solid plays in Elite Eight odds. They have advanced to the Final Four about 75% of the time in March Madness odds.

What these numbers tell us is that small underdogs are great bets in the Elite Eight. Big favorites are also solid bets as a blowout is often the result. These are the top two tips we can take and use when looking at these numbers.

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