Elite 8 Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Elite 8 betting lines refer to the final eight teams in the NCAA Tournament.

The winners of the Elite Eight then advance to the Final Four. Elite 8 betting lines usually have three of the four #1 seeds favored in this round. Let’s consider Elite 8 betting lines and some March Madness odds history.

Elite 8 betting lines tell us that the lowest seed to make it to the Elite Eight was #12 seed Missouri in 2002. They ended up losing to #2 seed Oklahoma that year and did not make it to the Final Four. Since we know that the best teams usually are successful in Elite 8 betting lines we should look at the most successful coaches. We want to look at the career record of coaches in the Elite Eight and seriously consider going with the coaches that have the best record. Rarely do inexperienced coaches win when it gets down to the Elite Eight. Coaching is very important in college basketball; far more than it is in the NBA. Paying attention to the top coaches is a great way to have success when you are wagering versus Elite 8 betting lines.

Looking at Elite 8 betting lines we should look at statistics like turnovers, defensive numbers, rebounding, etc. Good teams that win in Elite 8 betting lines avoid turnovers and play solid defense. In the early rounds there will be teams that can get away with playing below average and still advance. That doesn’t happen much in Elite Eight March Madness odds. When it gets to Elite 8 betting lines the fat has really been cut from the tournament. The best teams have traditionally advanced in this round to the Final Four. Rarely does the Cinderella team make it into the Final Four. That means you want to really look at power in terms of Elite Eight March Madness odds.

Elite 8 betting lines are very likely to have tight lines. This means that you must really handicap the games properly if you want to beat the March Madness odds. The best teams are favored for a reason and if you want to pick an upset then you probably need a very strong #2 or #3 seed. It is rare that a #1 seed loses unless they are facing a strong number two or number three seed in Elite 8 betting lines.

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