Don’t Forget Totals in March Madness Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March madness betting gives you the chance to bet more than just pointspread sides.

Every single game in the NCAA Tournament has a total associated with it. Let’s look at some factors to consider when betting totals in March Madness betting.

March Madness betting totals will have a lot of line movement associated with them. The totals move far more than the sides in March Madness betting. Oddsmakers are never as good making a total as they are in making a side. This has been a well known fact for many years in NBA and college basketball betting. If you want to monitor line movement take a look at how much totals move in the NBA and college hoops. Whenever you see something that is difficult for the oddsmakers to do, you know your chances of winning money are better. That is definitely the case with totals.

If you were considering betting March Madness betting totals it might be in your best interest to just look at a few games. Trying to make a good total on all 32 games in the opening round of the March Madness brackets and then 16 more games a couple of days later is not easy. It is not easy for the oddsmaker and it won’t be easy for you. The difference in March Madness betting is that you can pick and choose your games while the oddsmaker has to make a total on every game. The oddsmaker that is looking at the March Madness brackets is going to base his March Madness betting lines on statistics and very little else. The oddsmaker has not watched games from these smaller conferences and oftentimes will not make a good total on these mid-major teams. If you can watch a certain conference then you may have a better feel for what the March Madness betting totals should be than the oddsmaker and that is where your advantage is.

When you look at the March Madness brackets you want to make your numbers before the official March Madness betting lines are released. That way you can compare your number against the March Madness betting line and find good plays. Remember that the oddsmaker spends far less time on a college basketball total than they do on a side in March Madness betting. Also keep in mind that sportsbooks take lower limits on college basketball totals than they do on sides. That tells you they don’t want to get pounded with money on totals. Keep that in mind as you look at March Madness brackets this season.

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