Conference Tournament Week in March Madness Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting really begins this week with the college basketball conference tournaments.

The NCAA Tournament gets the most attention in March Madness odds but the craziness actually begins this week with the conference tournaments.

March Madness betting will see many automatic bids handed out this week as the conference tournaments winners get into the NCAA Tournament. Some teams in these conferences will get into the big dance whether they win or not while others have to win to have a chance.  Some conferences like the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, SEC, Pac-10, and Big 12 will receive multiple bids. Last year those conferences got 29 of the 34 at-large bids.  That number is going to drop this season with conferences like the Atlantic 10 and Mountain West getting multiple bids.

What you want to watch for this week in March Madness betting are certain tournaments. The Big East is simply loaded and will be a great tournament. Some teams are already in.  You can pencil in Syracuse, Villanova, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and Georgetown into the tourney.  Louisville and Marquette are probably in too.  Notre Dame and Connecticut have a chance.

The ACC is going to be wild as well this week in March Madness odds.  Duke and Maryland are going to make it and Clemson is probably in. Other teams like Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Florida State, and Wake Forest may need wins.  North Carolina would need a miraculous run to win the ACC Tournament and it doesn’t seem likely.

The SEC has Kentucky, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt in the tourney while other teams like Mississippi, Mississippi State and Florida need to have a good week.  The Pac-10 may only get one bid unless California loses. The Atlantic 10 was looking great but now it is only Temple, Xavier, and Richmond. Four teams, Dayton, Charlotte, Rhode Island, and Saint Louis need wins this week in the conference tournament.

Another thing to be determined this week is the top seeds.  Kansas, Kentucky and Syracuse look to have three of them while Duke could have the other one if they win out. Ohio State could sneak in and steal that #1 bid if they win the Big 10 tourney.  Kansas State and Villanova could also still be in the mix if they have a great week.  Kansas is on pace to be the overall top seed if they win the Big 12 Tournament this week.

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