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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball betting really gets exciting when the conference part of the schedule begins in January

The conference portion of the schedule is far more intense, features many rematches and revenge angles, and historic bitter rivalries, all of which offer outstanding college basketball betting opportunities.  Let’s take a look at conference NCAA basketball betting.

NCAA basketball betting for many gamblers will focus on the conference portion of the schedule. With the exception of some of the super conferences such as the Big 12 and the SEC, in the college basketball conference season teams will meet twice, both home and away. Keep in mind in NCAA basketball betting that in some of the huge conferences the teams may only meet once and the schedule rotates on a yearly basis. Since most conferences do have the home and home matchups you will get the revenge angle as far as who won or lost the first game in NCAA basketball betting. There are also significant home court factors to take into account in NCAA basketball betting. Kansas, who often is an overlay as a non conference home favorite is often a better value as a Big 12 conference home chalk, as is the case with many other teams in college basketball betting. Oftentimes in conference play, the traditional power/name brand teams will be slightly better values than they were as massive overlays in the preseason against lesser known competition in college basketball betting. That being said, however, when a powerhouse hosts a conference patsy, the potential for overlays still exists in NCAA basketball betting.

The potential for upsets is huge and frequent in college basketball conference play and in NCAA basketball betting. The fortunes of a team can also change dramatically during the conference season. You really can’t take anything for granted in conference NCAA basketball betting. A level head, clear vision, and an open mind help pick conference winners in college basketball betting.  With conference games you at least have an idea of the strength of the two teams and as the season progresses you have an idea of what the NCAA basketball betting line should be.  This gives you a better chance to make money at NCAA basketball betting and why many professional gamblers focus their attention on the conference part of the schedule each year.

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