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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball odds really get interesting during the conference season that usually starts in early January

College basketball odds during the conference season must be handicapped differently than the non-conference season. Let’s take a look at what goes into handicapping college basketball odds during the conference season. College basketball odds are available from the first game of the season but usually it is a few games into the season before we get an idea of how good each college basketball team is.  When we bet college basketball odds it sometimes is not a bad idea to wait until a couple of conference games have been played by each team before jumping head long into our wagering. As we look to bet conference college basketball betting odds we need to remember that early season results, especially non-conference results don’t mean very much.  Some teams treat these games as tune-ups and very often the games don’t go according to plan.  When conference play begins that changes and teams are more focused. You need to be aware of the different strategies of the teams as conference basketball odds start. If a team has played a tough non-conference schedule and struggled, they still might be a good bet in a weak conference versus college basketball odds.

You need to remember that oddsmakers are going to go with the results they have seen, and that may not really be an indication of how a team has played versus college basketball odds.  Some teams may play tough non-conference slates and very often lose a lot of games, but when they get into conference play they are very seasoned.  Other teams may play weak non-conference schedules and be hyped up when regular conference play begins.  This is all important as you look at college basketball odds.

College basketball odds really get into the part of statistics, matchups, ATS numbers and trends.  Conference play is the time of year when you can look strongly at how teams match up against each other and also focus on home and away situations in college basketball odds.  Some teams play strongly at home but don’t on the road. Conference play is where you can look for this.  Keep things simple during the college conference season and narrow your focus versus college basketball odds.  It can be a very profitable time if you let it as you consider college basketball betting odds.

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