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December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball betting conferences are a very fluid collection of talent. One year the conference and its teams can be on top of the college basketball betting and the next it can be in the dumpster.

But one conference that continually produces some of the best teams in NCAA basketball betting is the PAC 10.

NCAA basketball betting fans on the east coast don’t get to see as much of this conference as perhaps they would like or they should, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that the best basketball outside of the ACC is played in the Pac 10. Truly informed NCAA basketball betting fans know this and even if they can’t stay up until two in the morning when many of the Pac 10 college basketball betting contests finish for east coast fans, they are well aware of the talent in the Pac 10.

This year the headliner of the Pac 10 is UCLA, which is one of the best teams this year. Opening the season at number four in all the preseason college basketball betting polls, title hopes are running high in Westwood. Under Coach Ben Braun this team has been one of the best in NCAA basketball betting over the past five years. It seems as if no matter what the regular season college basketball betting record is, this team is always hanging around in the final games of the NCAA basketball betting tournament.

The other two Pac 10 teams that debut in this year’s NCAA basketball betting preseason polls are Arizona State and USC. Arizona State has a lot going for it as it heads into the season. With the best point guard in the conference and its entire rotation returning this team should climb in the college basketball betting polls. In fact, this team could be an early season longshot to make a run at the NCAA basketball betting title if point guard James Harden can live up to this potential.

USC is going into this season without superstar OJ Mayo who helped put this team on the NCAA basketball betting map last season. But surprisingly, this team is plenty talented without the NBA rookie and could be even better. Last season Mayo seemed to be more of a distraction at times in the NCAA basketball betting competition and teammates were often less involved with him on the floor. This team could also surprise a lot of people in the tournament.

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