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December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

And along those same lines it is important to understand that you will not find college basketball odds value by searching for it where everyone else goes

College basketball odds gambling should be all about finding value. Let’s look at college basketball betting odds value. College basketball odds are always high on teams like Duke and North Carolina. The Blue Devils are in the national title hunt every year and play at one of the most famous venues in all of sports in front of fans known as “Cameron Crazies.” The Blue Devils are always highly respected in college basketball betting odds. The problem with teams such as Duke is that everyone flocks to them in college basketball odds. That is the first stop of the masses who handicap with a “straight up” rather than college basketball odds mentality. So when they see a team like Duke they get stars in their eyes and cannot begin to comprehend that the pointspread that they are betting money against carries no value because of Duke’s mass casino gambling appeal on the college basketball odds board.

This same principle of college basketball betting odds value can be applied to a program such as Maryland, who was just a few years removed from a national championship and still carries that label of being a championship contender as a result. The problem is that Maryland is not that great against the college basketball odds anymore. It is an indicator of their status amongst the masses as being higher than the reality of what they truly are in college basketball odds.

More great lessons in college basketball odds value come from the Big Ten. Teams like Ohio State, Michigan State and Indiana are often overvalued in college basketball odds.  Conversely, you might have teams like Penn State and Minnesota in the Big 10 that offer excellent value on the betting boards.  The same thing can happen in other high profile conferences. They all are national teams that are well known and offer you little value on the college basketball betting odds board.  Name value teams rarely offer much value in college basketball odds. College basketball odds gambling should require an open mind and a contrarian approach if you want to succeed.

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