Handicapping Early College Basketball Lines at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

The early season can be particularly difficult if you don’t understand what to look for as you examine college basketball betting lines.

College basketball lines in the early pre-conference season can be particularly tricky as you not only are dealing with many teams that have new starters if not completely revamped rosters but many teams also have new coaches.  College basketball betting lines are sometimes overwhelming to look at with about 300 college basketball teams on the board. 

College basketball lines early in the season involve a lot of mismatches in addition to a lot of tournaments.  These non-conference mismatch games that the “name brand” teams play really make it difficult to handicap when you don’t know what to expect. These big name schools prefer these games because a loss is unlikely and the “no-name” schools prefer the game because of the big paydays. With these non conference matchups also come rather large college basketball betting lines that reflect the public’s taste for the power chalk over the lesser know opponent. Most of the time, however, these college basketball lines turn into overlays and the “name brand” team is of little or no value on the college basketball betting lines board.

Very often college basketball lines have teams like Duke or North Carolina playing teams like Boston University or Davidson.  There are few college basketball programs more respected, notorious, or “name brand” than Duke or North Carolina and they are “A-List” teams for public bettors because of their easy name recognition and the respect of a national power that fits into the public’s “comfort zone.” A team like Boston University is totally unknown in terms of college basketball lines.  Usually in these situations you will see extremely high college basketball lines.  Most gamblers will lay the points versus college basketball betting lines without thinking but that is oftentimes a mistake.  These non-traditional college basketball teams can often stay within the college basketball lines number.

As you look at college basketball lines early in the season remember that high priced favorites are usually not worth the risk.  The only time you might want to consider laying the wood in college basketball lines early in the year is in tournaments where the home team is hosting the tourney.  It is these situations that big favorites in college basketball lines can be worthwhile.

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