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December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

As the NCAA Basketball Hoops season hits its peak, bettors around the world search for the best NCAA Basketball Betting Tips.

College Basketball Conference Tournament Tips can be very useful, save you money, and of course help you win. Along with the Live College Basketball Odds at SBG Global, we also give you on these page useful tips to bet on either of the two NCAA Basketball Conferences.

What college basketball betting tips work the best for you? That is the question you need to ask yourself before each college basketball season. NCAA basketball betting strategies are seemingly endless in number and also endless in failures. Let’s see if we can take some of the best parts of a few different NCAA hoops strategies and incorporate them into one as we look at live college basketball odds.

When we look at developing college basketball betting tips we have a few main things to look at. We must have a good money management plan, a solid idea of how we are going to handicap the games, and discipline. If we fail in any of these areas we are probably going to lose money when looking at college basketball odds and totals. It doesn’t sound very easy does it? It’s not. The good news though is that NCAA basketball betting is the most exciting type of sports betting, especially college basketball tournaments. It presents us with so many games during a college basketball betting week that we have more chances to win money than we ever thought possible.

When we think about a college basketball betting tips we need to begin by deciding two things: how much to bet, and how many games to play. We can’t just play every game in every NCAA basketball conference. We love to do it, but it always gets us into trouble. The first thing to concentrate on with our college basketball sports betting strategy is to narrow the amount of games we want to bet. Let’s say for a busy college basketball Saturday that we play 5 games or less. It is much easier to go 3-2 with 5 games than it is to go 6-4 with 10 games. Once we get our games that we want to play down to a manageable number we next want to decide how much to bet. The best way to do this is to play all the NCAA basketball hoops games for the same amount. We could go on and on about unit ratings, star ratings, game of the year’s etc, but the bottom line is that over the long haul your best bet is to play all of your NCAA basketball hoops games whether they are regular games, 1st half college basketball spreads and totals, or 2nd half NCAA basketball odds for the same amount.

Now that we have narrowed our focus and decided upon our amount we want to handicap the college basketball odds and totals. There are various ways to go about this but keeping it simple always works the best. You can decide to go with power ratings and compare your own with the current line and make plays that way or you can decide to look at other options like 1st half college basketball spreads and totals or 2nd half NCAA basketball odds. Looking at live college basketball odds gives us many different options and that is one of the advantages to betting NCAA basketball hoops.

If we can narrow our focus, play the same amount on all our games, and do the proper handicapping, we have a chance. Don’t forget though, that you have to remain disciplined and that includes college basketball tournaments that everyone love to bet. You can’t go wild and overreact to a losing streak and bet your entire bankroll to get even. Stay within yourself, bet the same amount, and stay calm. That is discipline, and it is what wins you money.

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