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December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting can be profitable if you do certain things during the season. One of those things is to follow the schedule

Let’s examine the basketball schedule from a betting perspective and see if we can learn what makes for good plays in NCAA basketball betting. College basketball betting involves a few different parts to the season. The preseason basketball schedule that includes many non-conference and non-lined games is really a testing ground for many teams. When the conference schedule gets underway teams really start to get serious. What can happen if you are not careful is that you will over-emphasize the early season results in college basketball betting and often overreact to marginal teams that went undefeated against a weak early season schedule. Some college basketball betting gamblers even will go so far as to adjust their power ratings because of these early season results. You don’t want to make the same mistake in college basketball betting.

What you should do during the preseason is make some minor adjustments to your NCAA basketball betting ratings but you don’t want to overreact to these results. The conference schedule is when things really start to show which teams are good and which teams are not. The early season conference college basketball betting lines could be a good opportunity for the intelligent bettor. College basketball is wagered on by many professionals who look for soft NCAA basketball betting lines that get posted early in the college basketball betting conference schedule.

College basketball conference play is more intense and emotional than the preseason because it is the conference basketball schedule that really matters. College basketball betting requires bettors to look beyond the preseason results and get ready for the conference schedule. You will find that many professional college basketball betting gamblers will actually not start betting seriously until the conference schedule begins. The college basketball season has months of action and getting a good handle on the teams is important before a bettor starts to lay out a lot of money in college basketball betting.

Take some time this basketball season and evaluate some conference games before getting too deeply involved in your college basketball betting. The conference season is the meat of the basketball schedule and it can also be the meat of your NCAA basketball betting season.

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