College Basketball Betting Parlays at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting parlays are not played that often by professional gamblers but most everyone else loves them

Betting parlays is sometimes a losing proposition in NCAA basketball betting but it doesn’t have to be that way. Usually parlays are designed to get people dreaming of riches by making a small wager but that is not how you have to play them in college basketball betting. College basketball betting parlays can be profitable if you keep them small. Most of the time the public puts too many teams in their parlays and that is almost always a sure way to the poor house in NCAA basketball betting. There are a couple main reasons for betting parlays in college basketball betting. The first advantage to betting a parlay is your expected return. The second advantage to betting a parlay is that you can key on a certain team to increase the probability of your parlays becoming profitable. In college basketball betting if you key a team you can put your favorite team into multiple parlays and increase the probability of higher payoffs. Your key team has to win in college basketball betting parlays but if that happens your chances of hitting the parlay are pretty good.

There are also disadvantages to playing parlays in college basketball betting. The first disadvantage to playing a parlay is that you have to win multiple games to collect in NCAA basketball betting. That is a good thing when you are going well; it is a bad thing when you are just breaking even. You could go 10-10 on a given week, but if you played a variety of parlays, your losses could really add up in college basketball betting. You also want to be aware that multiple team parlays like 4 or 5 teamers are usually not going to be good investments. You could go 3-1 on a four-team parlay and end up a loser in college basketball betting. Had you bet those games straight you would have won money.

The reason sportsbooks love parlays in college basketball betting is that a 50 percent handicapper will usually lose betting parlays. The bottom line for betting parlays is that if you are a good handicapper they can give you another possible edge in NCAA basketball betting over the books. If you are a 50-50 handicapper or worse, then betting parlays is just going to cost you more money in college basketball betting.

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