College Basketball Betting Oddsmakers Like Duke at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting has no official hierarchy of teams, but anyone even the least bit familiar with NCAA basketball gambling would recognize Duke as college basketball royalty.

Coach K is also as close it comes to being a prince or king in the college basketball betting coaching landscape and he’s built one of the most impressive dynasties, on and off the court, in NCAA basketball gambling. This year the Blue Devils are once again ranked among the best in the land and will looking for yet another college basketball betting title.

College basketball betting odds makers have given the team some pretty sympathetic odds and the voters in the polls have given the team a top five ranking in at least one of the major college basketball betting polls. But is the ranking deserved or is it based simply on the team’s perennial success in the NCAA basketball gambling? By almost all accounts this is a very good team and its reputation and coach certainly don’t hurt either in the eyes of most college basketball betting voters.

This team performed reasonably well last season and made a minor run in the college basketball betting tournament. But it still fell short of the Cameron Crazies lofty expectations. This year the college basketball betting hoards are demanding at least a Final Four appearance –anything less would be a disappointment for a team that seems to have standing reservations in the Sweet 16.

Greg Paulus, the team’s wily leader and point is back again to lead the team and while he’s not the best player on the court, he’s perfect for the role and adds toughness to this team. The team’s best scoring threat is sophomore Kyle Singler who will finally have some inside scoring help this college basketball betting season and will be able to roam around the perimeter where he is most dangerous. This should be a much needed shot in the arm for an offense that struggled at times last college basketball betting season. John Scheyer will also be a shooting boost of the bench and is key part of the teams college basketball betting rotation.

Several newcomers will be key to Coach K’s college basketball betting success including big men Olek Cyzk and Miles Plumtree. Of course, playing in NCAA basketball betting’s most difficult conference, the ACC, doesn’t make things easy, but anyone that knows anything about college basketball betting, expects to see Coach K and the Blue Devils make a run in the tournament.

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