Motivation in College Basketball Betting Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting odds can be handicapped in various ways, one of which is motivation.

How motivated is a team to win the game?  Very often in college basketball betting odds the winning team for you is going to be the one that had the most intensity in the game. College basketball betting odds motivation is an important handicapping factor. The bottom line is that the more intense team very often is the team that will be the winning one for you in college basketball odds. As a gambler that wagers on college basketball betting odds your job is to find the more motivated team. Sometimes this is not as difficult as it might appear to be when wagering against college basketball betting odds.

Let’s take a situation that you will see every season on the college basketball betting odds board. A team is coming off an incredible upset over a traditional powerhouse and now must play one of the weaker teams within their conference that hasn’t done anything this season. This team is going to be primed for a letdown in college basketball betting odds. There is no way around it. This team will not be able to duplicate the intensity of the previous week. This doesn’t guarantee a pointspread victory in college basketball betting odds by going against this team, but you sure don’t want to be backing them in college basketball odds.

What about the college basketball betting odds situation that also occurs when a team is playing their long time rival? These games happen all the time and are prime examples of intensity games in college basketball betting odds. The goal will be for you to find out which team has more motivation to win this rivalry game on the college basketball betting odds board. It could be that they played earlier in the season and it is a revenge game on the college basketball odds board. It could be that the game is more of a rivalry game for one team than another. Teams like Duke and North Carolina have a lot of rivals in college basketball but in reality it is only each other that is the true rival. When Duke plays Virginia it might be a huge game for the Cavaliers but just another game for Duke. Sometimes you will find a great deal of intensity from the underdog here in college basketball odds, especially if they are at home.

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