Winners & Losers vs. College Basketball Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting lines are all about winners and losers. Are you a winner or a loser when you bet college basketball betting lines?

There are winners and losers at everything and college basketball lines are no exception. College basketball betting lines give gamblers a lot of options. The reason that many people that bet college basketball betting lines is that they don’t practice good money management. You can pick a lot of winners but without money management you will normally lose money versus college basketball betting lines. For successful people that bet college basketball betting lines there are three main keys. You have the previously mentioned money management, you need knowledge, and you must have discipline. Sometimes gamblers that look at college basketball betting lines don’t have any of these three.

If you are a serious about your wagering against college basketball lines then it is time to get real. You need to start by setting aside the proper bankroll for college basketball betting lines. Keep it separate from other things in your life. Then decide upon the amounts of your wagers for college basketball betting lines. Most experts agree that you should not wager more than 5% of your overall bankroll on any play, preferably a lower percentage but if you must risk 5% then so be it. The lower percentage is safer but it is sometimes not realistic when wagering on college basketball lines.

After getting a bankroll and deciding upon the amount per play you need to show discipline. The average gambler can’t keep in control when the losing streak starts versus college basketball lines. It is so very difficult to keep in control after suffering a few losses in a row no matter what sport it is. What we have to remember is that losing streaks happen versus college basketball betting lines, period. We won’t win every game and we might not win every week versus college basketball betting lines. We need to concentrate on winning the long term battle and that means discipline. That is the big key for winners versus college basketball lines. Many people believe that winners win money because they practice sound money management. They also believe that gamblers lose money because they don’t practice good money management. This sounds pretty simple and straightforward. Practice smart money management and you win, make mistakes in this area and you lose.

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