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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting lines fans have all sorts of methods and rituals that they employ for maximum gain in their wagering or in an attempt to somehow influence the outcome of the game.

But the best way to ensure a win against the NCAA basketball betting lines is simply to make smart bets. And there are few tips that if followed will greatly enhance your success rate against the college basketball betting lines come tournament time.

College basketball betting lines are available all season long but the real jackpot when it comes to playing a NCAA basketball betting line is the tournament. When March Madness rolls around people go nuts for college basketball betting lines and it’s one of the most fun betting experiences you’ll ever have. It can also be one of the most lucrative if you’re successful.

One important thing to remember when contemplating playing an NCAA basketball betting line or not is obviously the seeding of the team. It’s such an elementary angle to focus on, but you would be surprised how many college basketball betting lines fans seem to ignore this facet of an NCAA basketball betting line. Everyone wants to hit the homerun and predict the big upset. But the reality is that in most cases the higher seeded team generally wins when there is a wide disparity between the two teams in the college basketball betting lines. For example, picking a 9 seed over an 8 seed is not that big of deal and the 9 seed will often end up victorious, but choosing a 2 seed over a 15 is college basketball betting lines suicide no matter how much you may want to see the underdog win.

As unexciting and unromantic as it sounds, the underdog doesn’t always win and this is just as true in the super exciting college basketball betting lines as it is in any other sport. It’s simply that the upsets receive so much more attention than the college basketball betting lines where the higher seed dominates the lower seed, that it seems as though upsets are more common in the tournament.

The occasional upset does happen in the college basketball betting lines as any fan can tell you. But they are rare, statistically speaking and instead of swinging for the fences with a crazy college basketball betting lines upset, its better to just keep hitting singles throughout the tournament and keeping yourself in the college basketball betting lines hunt until the Final Four.

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