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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting lines fans may or may not be familiar with the plight of Oregon State’s struggling basketball program.

Once a successful and proud program that produced such greats as Gary Payton and Brent Barry and one of the winningest coaches in college basketball odds, the program hit rock bottom last season. With exactly zero wins in Pac 10 last year, the good news is there is only way to go for the Beavers in the upcoming college basketball betting lines competition, and that is up!

College basketball betting lines makers are not predicting any miracles here but there is no doubt that this team will be greatly improved from its pathetic form in the college basketball odds last season. And a major reason for that could be the team’s new coach who will take the reins for the first time of his career as a head coach in the college basketball betting lines. Although most college basketball odds fans have never heard of Craig Robinson, they likely know his brother in law, some guy named Barack who’s been in the headlines a lot lately.

But having famous family hardly ensures success in the college basketball betting lines, barring any presidential decree against Beaver opponents; OSU will have to return to success in the college basketball betting lines the old fashioned way. But this young team has talent and with some luck and good coaching they could certainly climb their way to the mid-level of the Pac 10 and surprise some college basketball betting lines doubters.

This team still is a major talent disadvantage in the college basketball odds relative to the rest of the conference and most college basketball betting lines makers agree this is the least talented team in the Pac 10. But the team has shed some dead weight and gained two talented new prospects for this season’s college basketball betting lines campaign in freshman shooting guard Robert Nelson and Utah transfer Daniel Deane. Not a lot to build on, but still better than last year’s awful squad.

But Robinson, on paper, appears to be the perfect man to helm a talent void team as he runs one of the most feared offenses in the college basketball betting lines, the Princeton offense. While this system often bores college basketball betting lines fans and opponents to tears, it is highly effective. And should be especially so in the run and gun Pac 10. Such a huge transition of pace should throw its conference college basketball opponents for a loop and create at least a few wins in conference play.

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