College Basketball Betting Lines Money Tips at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting lines give you many different chances to make money.

How you handle that money will be a big determining factor whether you are a winner or a loser versus college basketball lines.  What is your goal when wagering against college basketball betting lines and how are you going to achieve it?

College basketball betting lines for many gamblers are only about betting the TV game and nothing else.  There is nothing wrong with that. Make your wager against the college basketball lines and enjoy the action. If you want to win as a long term player you need to do more than just bet the TV games in college basketball betting lines. A serious gambler that truly wants to make money versus college basketball betting lines must manage the money in his sports betting bankroll and exercise the discipline necessary to pass up a lot of action that college basketball betting lines offer. A serious win oriented gambler should what his true bankroll is when wagering against college basketball betting lines. A bankroll is the amount of money that a player can make wagers with versus college basketball betting lines.

After determining the bankroll for college basketball betting lines he should next determine his minimum win amount. This is the minimum or least amount of money that the gambler would want to win when betting college basketball betting lines. This really should be a percentage of the overall bankroll although many bettors don’t think of it in that way.  In reality, a bankroll should be used throughout the college basketball season and continue through baseball and into football season.  It should be used all year long.

You should really think of wagering versus the college basketball betting lines as an investment. Treat the games as vehicles you can make money with. Risk a predetermined amount of your bankroll – say 2% on each game. Stick to that plan for the entire season and stay within that framework. Don’t go on tilt and bet more than you should with college basketball lines. Keep your money managed properly and within control and your chances of success versus college basketball betting lines will undoubtedly increase as the year goes on.