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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting lines are full of favorites every year before the action of the season begins.

This year all the usual suspects head the college basketball betting lines rankings and big things are expected of many of the top teams. But this year, as with every season of betting lines college basketball, there a handful of lesser known teams on the periphery that could cause some serious damage to the early-going favorites.

College basketball betting lines makers refer to the rankings in many instances as they tend to be accurate for the most part in the preseason. This season the top teams are composed mostly of traditional powerhouses, but there are non-traditional teams lurking in the betting lines college basketball shadows that look poised to surprise fans and college basketball betting lines makers alike.

Arizona State looks like a very dangerous team and by the end of the season should establish itself as a legitimate college basketball betting lines national championship contender. Led by one of the best players in the country in James Harden this team has plenty of offensive firepower. However, ranked 15th in the betting lines college basketball rankings this team is already on most people’s radar and won’t sneak up on any of its college basketball betting lines competitors.

One team that has been overlooked by college basketball betting lines fans even within its own conference is Wake Forest. Overshadowed by the likes of UNC and Duke it’s no wonder that the Demon Deacons have been getting little mention as a possible ACC champion. But that will only work to the Deacons’ advantage and this team could very easily be in a betting lines college basketball championship by the end of the season. This is a young but experienced team that can beat a college basketball betting lines opponent at every facet of the game.

The University of Miami is another squad that could make some waves before the season is over. This Canes team debuts at number 16 in the college basketball betting lines rankings and is quite possibly overrated. But more likely is the fact that this Jack McClinton led team is the real deal and could challenge for the ACC title. McClinton will have to average 25 points a game to make this team a college basketball betting lines national title contender, but it’s entirely possible.

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