College Basketball Betting: Defense is the Difference at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting is in many ways similar to the NBA game, and in many ways different.

The NBA obviously has much more talent than fans will find when betting on college basketball, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better product. And when it comes to the matter of playing defense, the college basketball betting scene is far superior in this aspect than the pro game.

College basketball betting is, for the most part, predicated on defense. In contrast to the NBA where defense is generally an afterthought, more times than not when betting on college basketball, the defense will be the primary focus of the coaches rather than the offense. This is perhaps the single greatest difference between the pro game and college basketball betting. Many analysts and fans of college basketball betting and NBA betting have made the same observations many times over the years and the reason why this phenomena exists is not really all that difficult to explain.

At the college basketball betting level, as opposed to the pros, players are obviously not paid. For the most part they are playing the game because they love it, they receive a free education, and for a very small number of players in betting on college basketball games it’s an audition for a shot at a profession. Since they are not under contract, they also are at the mercy of the coaches’ decisions in the college basketball betting competition. Therefore what ever the coach tells the players to do, they do, or they’re kicked off the team in most cases.

NBA coaches cannot kick their players off the team. For the most part the players have more power than the coach. And also, unlike the players in college basketball betting, the players are grown men who are more prone to revolt. Now, this is a bit more detail than necessary to explain the difference in defensive philosophies between the college basketball betting and NBA scenes but the point gets made.

Also, defense is to a large extent predicated on conditioning and college basketball betting coaches love to condition their players. It is one of the few variables in betting on college basketball that coaches can control. For schools that do not attract blue chip recruits, simply be in better shape and able to play a pressure defense is a way for them to compete with powerhouse teams in college basketball betting.

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