College Basketball Betting is Biggest Meritocracy at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting and politics don’t often intertwine, nor should they.

Politics are a so-called necessary evil whereas NCAA basketball gambling is sporting utopia. But in a very important election year every sports fan can look at the college basketball betting universe as an example of the ideas that democracy is supposed to embody.   

College basketball betting fans may think this is a ridiculous proposition, and it very well may be. But when you consider the ideals that our founding fathers had in mind when they crafted the constitution and declared independence from the British with a piece of parchment and numerous years of bloody fighting, it’s not all that far off from the ideals that form the backbone of college basketball betting. From the system of polls that rank the best teams in college basketball betting right down to the thrilling conclusion of the NCAA basketball gambling tournament, the ideas of democracy and equality saturate the entire college basketball betting establishment right down to its roots.

In fact, what could be more democratic than voting on the best teams in college basketball betting? This is a page lifted directly from the heart of democracy and allows for the fairest way to rank the college basketball betting teams based on merit, not on birthright, wealth, titles of nobility, etc. That is perhaps the finest example of the democratic ideas in all of sports and it’s found in the NCAA basketball gambling.

What of the NCAA basketball gambling tournament? There has never been a more equal, democratic or meritocratic from of deciding a champion that one will find in the college basketball betting post season tournament. There is simply no playoff system even close in the pros or at the college level that comes close to matching the NCAA tournament and the madness of March.

Not only are the top teams voted on as to their merit to be invited to the college basketball betting tournament, but there are also inclusions that allow for tiny conferences and schools to be allowed in the college basketball betting tournament that might otherwise be overlooked by voters. And once the 65 teams for the college basketball betting post season are selected, there is no preference given for pedigree of past achievements at the school.

When the ball is tossed for the start of the first game in the college basketball betting tournament every team is equal. Every team is 0-0 and a single loss will send the mightiest in the college basketball betting world home just as certain as it will the tiniest schools.

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