Clock Ticking down Which College Ballplayer Do you want?

October 16th, 2019 NCAA Basketball

March Madness is the pinnacle of the college basketball betting season paving the way for climatic endings and clutch finishes. With so much talent going into a single elimination tournament there are bound to be countless games coming down to the wire. It’s all too commonplace for a game to come down to the final seconds, and with the shot clock counting down its imperative that teams have players that can deliver under the most extreme pressure. When the final seconds of the game are counting down players have the opportunity to become heroes or villains, to win a national championship or risk being forgotten.

Because March Madness is a single elimination tournament teams have one chance to prove themselves making it crucial for teams to pull through every chance they get. So, with that in mind, which player across the nation is the best option to make that last second game winning shot?

Kris Jenkins, Villanova

After making a buzzer beater to win the national championship it’s hard for your name to not rank atop a list of the most clutch college basketball players. With the entire nation watching, Jenkins was able to nail a three in the face of UNC in order to bring glory to Villanova. Jenkins value comes from the fact that in the final seconds of a game defenses tend to pay too much attention to the ball-carrier, and thus tend to leave players like him wide open. That was the case in the national championship and Jenkins proved to be more than capable of making that shot count.

Grayson Allen, Duke

Allen’s strength comes from the vast array of offensive weapons he has to choose from. He knows how to score points, last season he averaged more than 21 points per game. Allen is also comfortable making a three posting a 41.7% behind the 3-point line. Also important late in the game is a player’s ability to initiate contact and draw the foul, two things Allen excels at. Some players are afraid of heading to the free-throw late in the game but Allen doesn’t shy away from the pressure. With an 83.7 free throw percentage why would he? IF you’re gong to pick a team to be your college basketball betting favorite, make sure they have a player the likes of Allen.

Melo Trimble, Maryland

Trimble’s laid back three-pointer at the end of the Wisconsin-Maryland game exemplifies what type of player he is. Trying to block the shot isn’t enough when facing Trimble, you’ve got to also defend his dribble and pass. While his cool-headedness often times helps him perform, it often has led to some inconsistent play. While it’s hard to declare him, and Maryland by extension, as your favorite for when you bet on sports, there is no doubting that his play will lead to some eye-catching plays.

Bryce Alford, UCLA

While Alford may not be as talented as the other names on this list but he is just as capable, if not more, of making that last second shot to win the game. And in a tournament as heated as March Madness always is, what more could you want in a college basketball betting favorite? Alfords collegiate career is riddled with highlights of him nailing last second three, regardless of the situation. While he may not be the most valuable player in the first 39 minutes of the game, when the last minute begins to tick down there is no one more valuable than Alford.

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