2007-2008 Central Florida Knights College Basketball Lines

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball lines on Central Florida this season are likely to be higher as the Knights lost Josh Peppers and Lavell Payne to graduation.

Replacing Peppers will be very difficult considering he averaged 14.3 points per game and made a definite mark versus the basketball lines.

College basketball lines were greatly impacted by Peppers who hit a lot of great shots last season.  Payne will also be tough to replace but at least UCF has some bodies to make up for his production.  "Of all the changes that took place with the realignment of the conferences, we had the biggest jump to make, coming from the Atlantic Sun and competing in C-USA," said coach Kirk Speraw, "But we’ve been able to weather that jump in pretty good fashion." Newcomer Chris Baez will be expected to produce according to experts that bet college basketball lines. Small forward Cordell Pope may also get playing time according to those that bet basketball lines. Jean-Michel Yotio is another freshman that will look for playing time according to college basketball lines experts. Coach’s son Drew Speraw and freshman Taylor Young will also be looking for minutes in the backcourt according to college basketball lines experts.

The backcourt talented and will bear watching against college basketball liens this season. Jermaine Taylor came off the bench as experts of college basketball lines remember but he averaged 12.7 points per game. Point guard Mike O’Donnell will be distributing the ball and making the decisions that decide whether or not UCF is successful against college basketball lines.  He averaged 3.7 assists and 1.7 turnovers per game last season.  Experts that consider college basketball lines see that Dave Noel came on strong as a junior, averaging 9.1 points per game.  Also returning is Chip Cartwright and senior Mike Battle according to basketball lines experts.

Experts that bet college basketball lines look at UCF and see a good backcourt but a questionable frontcourt.  Tony Davis did a good job as a freshman but college basketball lines experts wonder whether he can produce on a nightly basis. Kenrick Zondervan plays defense but can’t score and Stanley Billings is another defensive player.  How far Central Florida goes this season according to experts that bet college basketball lines depends upon how much the frontcourt develops and produces.

Basketball lines experts see a starting lineup of O’Donnell, Noel and Taylor at the guards, and Davis and Zondervan upfront.