Betting on College Basketball Top Players 2008-09 at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Betting on college basketball is the forums for some of the best athletes in the country.

This year in the college basketball betting there are some phenomenal players, some familiar to fans from seasons past and some new to the college ranks. And even though betting on college basketball tends to be a very team oriented sport, these individual players are game changers, and the best there are in the game.

Betting on college basketball has a plethora of trophies that are handed out at the end of each season for the best player. And while there are countless awards to be won for the best players in betting on college basketball, there are just a handful of players that are considered in this elite group heading into this college basketball betting season.

Reigning player of the year Tyler Hansbrough is of course on the top of everyone’s list of top players. Anyone even remotely familiar with betting on college basketball over the past several years knows what this senior has accomplished and fully expect him to live up to the high expectations. But the real task for Hansbrough this year is to bring a betting on college basketball national championship back to the UNC campus.

Fans of betting on college basketball are surely familiar with Stephen Curry as well. This is a player from a tiny school with a huge game. He has been the star of the last two college basketball betting post season and this year his team starts out the year ranked in the top 25. Make no mistake, as Curry goes so does his team, but he’s likely to be the top scorer in the upcoming season and if he can lead his team deep in the tournament, he could very well be crowned the betting on college basketball player of the year.

Another player at the top of every betting on college basketball fan’s list is UCLA’s point guard Darren Collison. Perhaps the best point guard in the country this triple threat player is an early season candidate for the Wooden Award and has super talented team. If the Bruins can make a run to betting on college basketball’s Final Four, it will be tough not to consider him one of the top players in the college basketball betting action.

Oklahoma State’s Blake Griffith is another betting on college basketball preseason All-American who is also likely to make a run at the title of best player in college basketball betting.

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