Options for Betting College Basketball Lines at SBG Global Sports Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball lines will show a pointspread line option on each game.

That is the most common way that people look at college basketball lines but not the only option.  Let’s look at all of the options you have in regards to college basketball lines. College basketball lines use pointspreads where one team is favored and the other team is an underdog. There is a ten-percent “vig/juice” charge imposed on each wager in college basketball lines. For example, if a gambler wanted to win $100 he would have to bet $110. The winners get all of this stake money back but the losers forfeit the entire amount when wagering against the college basketball betting lines.

The money line can also be used as part of college basketball lines options. The money line is where a gambler lays odds on the favorite or takes odds on the dog.  For example, you might have a team as a 4 point favorite but if you didn’t want to lay the four points in college basketball lines you would have the option of laying the money line which in this case might be -160.  That means you would risk $160 for every $100 you wanted to win or the 16/10 equivalent with no pointspread involved.

Over/under wagering, which is commonly referred to as “totals” is when gamblers bet that the combined score in a game between two teams will go over or under the number posted on the college basketball lines.

Halftime wagering is available for many basketball games and you will see college basketball betting lines. The halftime college basketball betting lines are set for the second half of a game only, with the first half having no relevance at all to the bet’s outcome.  You oftentimes will also see first half wagering lines as well which means only the first half is relevant to the wager.

College basketball lines also have the “futures” options. You can bet on the odds of teams winning the NCAA basketball title. You can also sometimes bet on a team’s over/under win total in college basketball lines but that option is more popular in the NFL of MLB. Prop betting is another college basketball lines option that you sometimes see on marquee games. With big games you might see college basketball betting lines props on points, rebounds, assists, etc.

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