2010 March Madness Betting Overview

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting is focused on the NCAA Tournament but it also includes conference tournaments, the NIT and the CBI.

There are so many different choices for making a March Madness bet.

March Madness betting has an appeal even to those that normally don’t bet college basketball.  March Madness betting odds appeal to a lot of public bettors for a variety of reasons.  There are so many different office pools that focus on the brackets and that contributes to the popularity of March Madness betting. Big marquee teams like Kansas and Kentucky are easily recognizable by the public but other Cinderella teams like George Mason and Northern Iowa will also get attention.

The 2010 NCAA Tournament is where the main March Madness betting action will come from.  It begins with the play-in game on March 16th while the main tournament begins two days later on Thursday, March 18th.  The first round games occur on Thursday and Friday with second round games on Saturday and Sunday.  The next week is Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight games in March Madness betting while the Final Four and NCAA Championship are a week later.

When you look at making a March Madness bet there are some things to consider. The marquee teams will get a lot of action from the public while the unknown teams won’t get much attention. They will have value though since the public bets the big name teams.

March Madness betting odds give you a lot of things to consider especially with all of the hype and hoopla.  You can easily go overboard with so many games on the board in a short period of time.  Discipline is important in all forms of sports betting and that includes making a March Madness bet. Just because so many games are on the board does not mean you have to play each one.  Pick and choose your spots carefully and you will have more success when you make a March Madness bet.

As you take at look at March Madness this season remember that you have plenty of time and plenty of games.  There is about a month of action so you can be patient.  Pick some teams or a conference that you are familiar with and really zero in on those games.  That is how you can keep disciplined and not get carried away with so many games on the board.

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