Tips for 2009 March Madness Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

2009 March Madness betting is “win or go home” for college basketball teams

Let’s consider some things that can help you make more successful basketball wagers during 2009 March Madness betting.

2009 March Madness betting tips begin with realizing that the post season has very little to do with what happened in the regular season. You should also remember that March Madness betting includes conference tournaments in addition to the NCAA Tournament. You will often see teams that had a great regular season tighten up a bit if their bid is on the line and you will see teams that had poor regular seasons play much better. Motivation can be a huge factor in conference tournaments and you also have to remember that most of the time the teams have already played each other twice during the season. If a team has already beaten its opponent twice, it can be tough to win that third time and you know that team will be favored to do so in March Madness betting.

A lot of people think of March Madness betting as only the NCAA Tournament but you should remember other action as well. Conference tournaments and the NIT Tournament are also excellent money making opportunities in 2009 March Madness betting. Let’s look at a couple of things to remember for the NIT and the NCAA Tournament in 2009 March Madness betting.

In the NCAA Tournament you must remember that each round is really a separate event. There will be 2009 March Madness betting trends that apply specifically to each round. The first round will have seeding trends you can follow like 3-15, 4-12, 5-11, etc. in 2009 March Madness betting. The subsequent rounds will have other trends that may point you to the favorite in 2009 March Madness betting. Handicapping the NCAA Tournament should be done as each round begins.

The NIT may actually be a better money making event in 2009 March Madness betting. In the NIT you have home court and motivation factors playing a huge role in the games. You can definitely find an edge against the sportsbooks in the NIT and it should not be ignored in 2009 March Madness betting. Just because the big dance is going on doesn’t mean you should ignore the NIT in 2009 March Madness betting. Give it a look and do your research and you can make money in 2009 March Madness betting.

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