2009 March Madness Betting Brackets at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting brackets are extremely popular around the world, especially in the United States where gamblers get excited the moment the brackets are released.

March Madness odds give gamblers around the world numerous opportunities to bet the games and follow their March Madness betting brackets.

March Madness betting brackets appeal to everyone. You get people that know nothing about college basketball interested when March Madness betting comes around. The brackets are common with many people and are published in virtually every newspaper in the United States. The first week of March Madness betting is exciting for sportsbooks and bookmakers around the world. Bettors have a lot of games to choose from and they have all week to bet the first round games. Actually the first weekend of games includes the first and second round since you have games on Thursday and Friday in the first round while Saturday and Sunday are second round games.

Why do people love March Madness betting so much? We know that there are a number of games to choose from, but there are other factors. A big factor is that every game in the NCAA tournament is on television. That makes every game a huge draw in March Madness betting. Each game has a side and a total in March Madness odds. Bettors also love March Madness brackets because underdogs win, and they become great stories. March Madness betting brings out true Cinderella stories and that is very appealing.

If you are looking at March Madness betting you should know that underdogs cover more often than favorites. March Madness always brings out the best in underdogs and it really shows itself during the tournament. As you look at March Madness odds you may see some teams that are underdogs that appeal to you.

March Madness betting is very exciting at sportsbooks around the world and the March Madness odds are hugely popular. Everyone prints them out and seems to be in some sort of March Madness pool. Take a look at the March Madness betting brackets this season and see if you can find some winners.

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