2009 March Madness Betting Tips

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting tips can help you navigate the NCAA Tournament more successfully.

Let’s take a look at six great tips for wagering on March Madness odds.

March Madness betting tips begin with an easy tip to remember and continue with a generalized tip.

1. Play the underdogs in March Madness betting. Underdogs are more often than not the way to go when betting March Madness odds including Elite Eight and Final Four games. You have to remember that the public is in love with favorites and you almost always get extra value betting basketball underdogs.

2. Take teams in March Madness betting with something to prove. Many times in March Madness betting we get teams that are looking to make a statement. Teams that are really focused and wanting to prove everyone wrong are usually excellent bets in March Madness betting.

3. Take March Madness betting teams with the better defense. Usually this is a decent way to avoid taking a lot of losers. Your average won’t be anything great, but it will keep you out of trouble versus the March Madness odds.

4. Take March Madness betting teams that come into the tourney on streaks. This can be a team having won a few games in a row, or a team that has lost a few in a row. How the team is playing late in the season is often a good indication of how they will do in March Madness betting. It is very difficult to turn things off and on. If a team comes into the game playing poorly, they probably will have a bad game. Conversely, if they are playing well heading into March Madness betting they will probably continue to do things right.

5. Look at the conferences in March Madness betting. Many times on the March Madness odds board you are going to get teams from opposing conferences matching up. This presents a bit of a different opportunity because many times the conferences have not met very often in the past. You want to take into account conference strength when looking at the March Madness brackets. Many times a conference that struggled during the regular season will continue to do so in March Madness.

6. There is no hard and fast rule for every March Madness game. Anyone that tells you that something will work every time is wrong. You need to analyze each game individually and take into account some of the tips previously mentioned.

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