2009 College Basketball Betting Strategy

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting strategy is important to consider as you make picks each season.

NCAA basketball betting strategies are seemingly endless in number and also endless in failures.  Let’s see if we can take some of the best parts of some strategies and put them into one good one.

College basketball betting begins with looking at a few things. We need a good money management plan, a solid idea of how we are going to handicap the games, and discipline.  If we fail in any of these areas we are probably going to lose money in college basketball betting.   NCAA basketball betting can be exciting and it gives you the most chances for profit of any sport simply because of the sheer number of games on the board.

When we think about a college basketball betting strategy we need to begin by deciding two things:  how much to bet, and how many games to play.  We can’t just play every game on the college basketball betting board. The first thing to concentrate on with our NCAA basketball betting strategy is to narrow the amount of games we want to bet.  Let’s say for a busy Saturday we play 5 games or less.  It is much easier to go 3-2 with 5 games than it is to go 6-4 with 10 games.  Once we get our games that we want to play down to a manageable number we next want to decide how much to bet.  The best way to do this is to play all the college basketball betting games for the same amount. Over the long haul your best bet is to play all of your games for the same amount.

The next step when looking at NCAA basketball betting lines is to handicap the games.  If you make your own power ratings for the games it is good but if not you can get power ratings from many places on the Internet.  You can also consider other factors such as matchups, trends, coaching, etc.  You also want to look at live college basketball betting odds and totals and see which way the games are moving.

If we can narrow our focus in college basketball betting, play the same amount on all our games, and consider handicapping factors, we have a chance.  Don’t forget though, that you have to remain disciplined in college basketball betting.  You can’t go wild and overreact to a losing streak and bet all your money trying to get even in college basketball betting. Stay within yourself, bet the same amount, and stay calm.  That is discipline, and it is a big key to any successful college basketball betting strategy.

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