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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds begin simply enough as you look at the 32 games once the 64 teams are announced.

Technically there are 65 teams but the play-in game narrows the real field to 64 before action gets underway on Thursday. Let’s look at how March Madness betting begins after the field is announced.

March Madness odds for the NCAA Tournament come out on Sunday night with the actual tourney beginning the following Thursday. There will be a pointspread in March Madness odds for every game and in the next day or so a total will be added on each game. The pointspread is easy enough to understand in March Madness odds as you either lay or receive points. For example, if you take a team that is a four points favorite then your team must win by more than four points for the March Madness betting wager to be a winner. If that team won by only three points then you lost that wager in March Madness odds. The total is the amount of points that are scored in the game. For example, let’s say the total was 155. You could bet over or under that total in March Madness odds.

Handicapping March Madness odds begins after the lines come out. You want to find value with March Madness odds. You are obviously looking for winners. Let’s go back a step first though. You really need to determine your bankroll for March Madness betting and you need to decide the amount of your wagers. Your wagers should be a small percentage of your overall bankroll but you need to determine the amount before your start placing your wagers versus the March Madness odds.

After you decide your bankroll, the wager amounts and handicap the games, you are ready to place your wagers versus the March Madness odds. You will want to find the best possible line for your wagers. Every half point and full point can be critical when you are betting. If you can line shop in March Madness betting then do it. If not, monitor the line moves and try and get the best possible number.

March Madness odds are very enticing to wager on but you need to be ready. Look at the odds; prepare your bankroll and wagers, handicap the games and then you will be ready to bet.

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