2019-20 New Orleans Pelicans Futures Odds

Zion Flips NBA Finals Betting Odds Script for New Orleans

At the onset of their existence the New Orleans Pelicans seemed out of place.  Hornets was always a Charlotte thing.  And in 2013-14 the name was changed to reflect that.  Regardless of name, New Orleans return to the NBA has been mostly uneventful.  In fact, their best two seasons were only second round playoff campaigns.  To be exact the franchise has never been a serious threat with the NBA Finals betting odds.  But the anonymous stretch that dates back to 2002 may be ending.   Now New Orleans boasts the 2019 NBA top draft pick Zion Williamson.

2019-20 New Orleans Pelicans Futures Odds

Date and Time: Season Opens October, 2019

New Orleans Pelicans NBA Betting Online Futures Odds at SBG: New Orleans Pelicans 50/1 to win the NBA championship.

NBA Finals Betting Odds Farewell to Past

At the beginning of draft week New Orleans stunned the basketball world by trading Anthony Davis.  Davis was the Pelicans marquee man not long after his arrival in 2012-13.  Despite missing 26 games this past season he still averaged 25.9 points per game. New Orleans was never able to become a serious NBA Finals betting odds contender with Davis.  His trade to the LA Lakers has changed the dynamics of the Association.  New Orleans finished 33-49 straight up this year.  Most important of all they got the money only 37 times.

Sate of the Franchise

Admittedly the Pelicans were not much of a franchise until draft night.  To begin with they lacked sustained success.  Local fans have had little to put their faith in.  Certainly, Davis was an asset that could score.  Yet New Orleans never built around him.  Defense has long been an offshore bookmaker liability.  Trying to win shootouts proved futile for the Pelicans.

A Much-Needed Facelift

Now Zion Williamson’s arrival gives New Orleans the credibility it has always needed.  Upon the announcement that the Pelicans won the draft lottery fans and employees went bonkers.  Williamson won over the country this past year as a college star for Duke.  He came off as a likeable and hard-working player.  Increasingly there were jokes about how Williamson did the impossible.  He made the Duke Blue Devils likeable. Christian Laettner eat your heart out.

Bringing Power to the Power Forward Position

Extending Williamson’s credibility is a build of six feet, seven inches tall with 285 pounds.  In turn there is nobody that can match his physique.  In his only season at Duke, Williamson scored 22.6 points and 8.9 rebounds per game.  Consistent with that was ACC Player of the Year honors.  Additionally, Williamson won ACC Tournament Most Valuable Player.  And was a consensus first team All-American.  Hence his selection as the National College Player of the Year.  Of great concern is how his knees will hold up so much weight over the 82-game schedule.

Matchup to Watch

On this occasion New Orleans has been totally transformed.  Fashion they were a team that gamblers avoided or looked to oppose.  Thanks to Williamson the Pelicans will now draw action for NBA Finals betting odds.  Account of that futures betting is the likelihood of significant increases in game wagering.

2019-20 New Orleans Pelicans 2019-20 NBA games Betting Odds Picks

On the whole Zion Williamson is set to be king of New Orleans!

2019-20 New Orleans Pelicans NBA Betting Online Pick:  New Orleans Pelicans to make the 2020 NBA Playoffs!

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