Washington Wizards 2009-2010 Preview NBA Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA betting on the Washington Wizards was horrible last year. Whatever happened?

This team had the worst record in the Eastern Conference, and given the number of injuries and the change in coaching staff, it’s not very surprising. Having the lowest NBA betting record in the conference tends to put a little fire under your seat, and the Wizards definitely felt the burn. Their first basketball betting move this summer was to trade their draft pick and to hire Flip Saunders, an excellent coach. Will this help out the Wizards this coming NBA betting season? It’s a big possibility.

NBA betting on the Washington Wizards could show some degree of improvement this season. First off, the Wizards roll deep. Players like Young, McGuire, McGee, and Blatch all got to see a lot of playing time last basketball betting season. Most of the starting players missed a lot of time due to injury, and these players stepped up to the plate… or basket. So now Coach Saunders can look to the bench and see a reliable group of NBA betting players that can do just as well as starting players. Let’s not forget Gilbert Arenas, the team’s top NBA betting clutch player. If the game’s tied up or you’re down by 2, leave it to Gilbert to make the 3 pointer to save the game. Let’s just hope he heals well.

There are some pretty obvious NBA betting kinks that need to be worked out. For starters, the starting players need to learn how to keep themselves healthy and in playing condition. In other words, don’t get injured. But besides that, the Wizards are lacking in the defensive department. Sure, they’ve been successful before, even with this same NBA betting roster. The only difference is that back in 2004 all the way up to last basketball betting season they were able to make up for their lackadaisical defense with some stellar offense. Things tend to change when your top scorers get injured, though. The end result of a plague of injuries and a sub-par defense was their 19-63 record at the end of the 2008-2009 NBA betting season.

So besides the starting players keeping healthy, the Wizards also have a couple of new additions to the team that could place them relatively well in the NBA betting division standings. There is no way the Wiz will do as terribly as last season, and with Flip Saunders at the helm, there’s a good chance the Wizards will be anywhere between third and fourth in the basketball betting division.

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