2018-19 NBA Futures Odds

Warriors Massive NBA Betting Online Favorites to Repeat as Champs

October 16th, 2018 NBA Basketball, Sportsbook

At the beginning of the 2018-19 NBA betting online season the talk revolves around LeBron James.  While there is nothing new about that, James’ team is certainly different.  Indeed, the King is now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.  Despite the fact that LA has been dreadful for several seasons James’ arrival makes them an immediate betting chalk.  Subsequently the biggest favorite of all remains the Golden State Warriors.  In view of their status as defending repeat champions public money is flooding the board.  Following that is a Boston Celtics team that may prove to be the best value on the board.

2018-19 NBA Futures Odds

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Lakers and Warriors

The problem with the Lakers is that they are clearly overpriced.  For one thing this is a classic case of too much public NBA betting online money.  Above all James name alone is enough to draw fans that don’t really have any knowledge depth on the NBA.  Likewise, the price on the Warriors is insane.  So that we are clear of course Golden State can win the NBA title again.  However, the price is so steep on the champions that the value and worth is negligible at best.  Balanced against that is the difficulty of any team repeating.

 The Warriors Last Season

Granted the Warriors did win the title last year.  Account of Stephen Curry missing much of the end of the regular season and early playoff games did the Warriors almost falter.  Extending them to seven games in the Western Conference were the Houston Rockets.  Owing to that is an example of how close the Warriors came to failing in their repeat quest.  And that is why it is dangerous to extend yourself with such a huge price.  By reason of injuries and other variable futures wagering can be tricky.  Further, too many gamblers bet futures based on the past.


Boston is the team that could combine sportsbook ability and value.  At first, they have a major asset in head coach Brad Stevens.  As a matter of fact, Stevens is the top coach in the game.  To illuminate he took the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals while missing his best player.  Kyrie Irving was out for the playoffs last year but returns to start the new season.  Increasingly the Celtics look like a team that can make a serious run and challenge at Golden State.


One team that is likely to drop is Toronto.  Demar DeRozan has departed to San Antonio and leaves a huge void as the Raptors best player.  Admittedly Toronto choked as the top seed in the East last year.  As a consequence, they lost DeRozan and fired their coach for the epic collapse.

Matchup to Watch

Fashion the huge NBA betting online price on Golden State and the public reach on the Lakers.  Concurrently the Celtics look like the team that is ready to emerge as the top alternative to the Golden State dynasty.  Matchup wise for futures Boston brings the best value.

2018-19 NBA Futures Odds Picks

In sum Boston is the pick to win the 2019 NBA Finals!

NBA Betting Online Pick:  Boston Celtics

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