The Unexpected Basketball Betting Line at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting line results are not always what you might expect.

Let’s face it; most gamblers will have a certain reaction when they see the basketball betting line. And those quick initial reactions are usually very typical, which the oddsmakers are aware of and read like a children’s book, only to then exploit with college and NBA betting odds to suck in the masses that all think the same way.

Basketball betting line wins oftentimes go to the few that have trained themselves to think like a sportsbook oddsmaker, and to turn off the lazy typical first reactions that are based on talk radio, cable sports TV, or the Internet. By training yourself to be an analytical thinker that refuses to take things at face value, you will soon learn to read the hidden language of the basketball betting line and, along with that, develop the ability to find the hidden value in a matchup.

One way to do that is to take the points in college or NBA betting odds. In general, the public hates to take the dogs against the basketball betting line. To them, the dog is always the lesser team in college or NBA betting odds, which is not always the factual truth. Many times you will get added value by taking the dog versus the basketball betting line, as the masses are likely willing to lay the points. Train yourself to realize that when you wager against the basketball betting line you must realize the numbers are not based on merit, but instead are based on public perception. The difference between the two is where value can be read when you wager against the basketball betting line.

If you were able to predict what would happen versus the basketball betting line there would be no sportsbooks, as everyone would win. What keeps sportsbooks in business is the unexpected that few if anybody can see.
Think of all of those times when you would wager against the basketball betting line and the unexpected prevailed and shocked everyone. Always remember that when you wager against the basketball betting line that if you cannot see it coming, you are likely going to get blindsided.  Making money versus college and NBA betting odds is done by expecting the unexpected.

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