Top 10 Tips for Betting NBA Odds at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA odds can be beaten if you keep a few things in mind. Let’s look at the top 10 tips for beating the NBA betting odds.

NBA odds give you a lot of things to look at during the season so you must remember a few things.

1 – Discipline – You must keep yourself in control if you want to win versus the NBA betting odds. There are far more basketball games to wager on than in any other sport and keeping discipline is critical.

2 – Money Management – You can’t win money against the NBA odds without controlling your wagers properly. You must be able to keep your wagers at the proper level and at the proper percentage of your bankroll. Keeping all of your wagers the same and keeping them all at 5% or less of your bankroll, preferably lower, will give you a chance make some money betting the NBA odds.

3 – Knowledge – You have to know what you are doing in whatever you try and win with and that includes NBA odds. Stick to what you know and keep your focus limited.

4 – Bankroll – If you don’t have a bankroll you don’t play. You must set aside money to only be used for betting NBA odds. This is your bankroll and it must be protected.

5 – Sportsbook – You need a place to bet NBA odds. It would be helpful if you had multiple places to play.

6 – Best NBA odds – You always want to get the best NBA odds on your wagers. This usually involves line shopping and having multiple sportsbook accounts.

7 – Handicapping – You have to find a way to pick games looking at the NBA betting odds. You can do the handicapping on your own or have someone else do it for you, but it has to be done.

8 – Trends – Some gamblers love trends when handicapping NBA odds. They can be useful but don’t live and die with them.

9 – Tilt – You can put this under a sub category of discipline if you want. The bottom line is that you can’t go off the deep end if you have a tough loss or even a series of tough losses versus the NBA odds.

10 – Luck – This one does matter. It is not as big as it is in poker but it is a factor. It is much easier to beat the NBA betting odds if luck is on your side.

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