The Must Win NBA Bet at SBG Global

September 28th, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA bet odds are available on a regular basis during the regular season and in the playoffs. We have all made at one time or another, a must win bet. Unfortunately, most of the time this must win bet has lost. NBA wager lines make NBA games exciting and fun to watch. The problem we sometimes have is when we make that must win NBA wager. Usually we make the must win NBA bet with money we don’t really have, can’t really afford to lose, etc.  It happens in all sports, including the NBA. There is no doubt that NBA betting is exciting, but it is also not easy to win at.

One of the great challenges of NBA betting is that a gambler is not only trying to overcome the house edge of ten-percent on each wager, but he is also trying just as hard in many cases to overcome himself.  NBA betting requires a level of self control and discipline that far too few gamblers are capable of.  Remember that the NBA is a daily grind of several games on the board every day of the week for nearly six months.  It doesn’t take long for a gambler that is neither selective nor disciplined to end up in serious trouble versus the NBA point spread, and that means he becomes faced with the must win NBA bet.

You really never want to be faced with a must win NBA bet.  If you are risking your entire bankroll on a single NBA bet then something went wrong.  To compound the mistake when things are going bad we then put it all on one NBA bet.  And we do this at the worst time, when things are going bad and we can’t pick winners. Would you bet on a tout service that was mired in a slump and continually picking losers against the NBA point spread? Would you bet on a friend’s selections if he was losing money all the time against the NBA point spread?  Of course you would not.  Then why would a player bet everything on one NBA bet when things are going bad?  Recklessness and fear are not good betting companions and they don’t make for picking winners against the NBA point spread.

For whatever reason, whether it is karma or some other reason, the must win NBA bet usually loses.  You would think that they would win half the time, but that’s not the case.  When you get faced with a must win NBA bet it is time to stop and start over.


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