The Extra Half Point in NBA Betting Odds at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

BA betting odds results can oftentimes be determined by very small margins.

If you are a regular sports bettor then you probably have won and lost a lot of games by a half point or a full point. How many times have you bet NBA odds and wished you had the extra half point?

NBA betting odds can actually be enhanced if you buy an extra half point or even a full point. If you think about all of your sports wagers I am sure there are countless ones that would have been winners with the extra half point or full point. Is buying that extra security of a half point or a full point a good idea in the long run versus the NBA betting odds?

In the NFL it is worth it to buy on and off of the number of three but no other numbers. What about NBA betting odds though? Some people have said that buying on and off of the numbers of 2 and 3 in NBA betting odds is worth it. The reality though is that no number is worth the cost of the extra price in NBA betting odds. Let’s say that again. No number is worth it, period. There are no margins of victory in basketball that make buying the extra half point or full point over the long term in NBA odds.

The problem you have with buying points is two-fold with NBA betting odds. First, it costs you more money. Instead of laying the traditional $110 for $100 you are laying $120 for $100 or the similar equivalents in NBA odds. That really eats into your bottom line when you are laying 6-5 in NBA odds. Second, rarely does the extra half point or full points do you any good in NBA betting odds. The margins in NBA betting odds are just too wide for the extra points to do you enough good.

The bottom line on buying the extra half point or full point in NBA betting odds is that it is not cost effective. Yes, sometimes it might buy you an extra win but unlike the number of three in football it is just not worthwhile in the long term. Keep this in mind the next time you are thinking about buying the extra half point versus NBA betting odds.

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