The Best of the NBA Regular Season Schedule

October 16th, 2019 NBA Basketball

There are few things in life that provide the kind of thrill basketball betting does. The NBA has some of the highest paid athletes in the world and for good reason; they provide some of the best entertainment available. The NBA is quite capable of providing sound entertainment around the year, but even then some games are always more exciting than others.

Watching budding rivalries or two superstar teams go at it is considerably more exciting than watching one team annihilate another.  Recently the NBA schedule was released giving betting sportsbooks the opportunity to throw together betting lines for this year’s most anticipated games. Let’s take a look at the 5 basketball games gambling enthusiasts won’t want to miss.

October 25th New York Knicks at Cleveland Cavaliers

Opening night is always an important event as it signals the official start of the professional basketball betting season. As is tradition a ring ceremony will be held and this year it’s even more special considering the 52 years Cleveland has gone without a championship.

October 25th San Antonio Spurs at Golden State Warriors

The Spurs will be stepping onto to court without Duncan for the first time in nearly twenty years! That fact alone is enough to make this game desirable but throw in their opposition, basketball betting favorites and the NBA’s biggest superstar team, and you have got yourself one hell of a ballgame. The Duncan-less Spurs will have to prove they are capable of winning games without the longtime face of the franchise and the Warriors have to prove that the addition of Durant is reason to fear this team.

October 26th Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers

Speaking of teams stepping onto the court without the face of the franchise, the Lakers will be opening season without Kobe for the first time since there was a Clinton presidency. If opening night had been in December perhaps Kobe’s arrival and departure would have both have been while Clinton is in the White House.

November 3rd Oklahoma City Thunder at Golden State Warriors

This game will mark the start of one of the best sports rivalries of our lifetime. Russell Westbrook will get the chance to prove to Kevin Durant that his decision to leave Oklahoma City was a mistake. The Warriors have to prove that they are now a better team than last year’s squad – the best regular season team in NBA history. This is simply one game basketball fans cannot miss.

November 10th Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat

While the Warriors vs. Thunder matchup will indubitably spark a fierce rivalry, this game might do something similar. After spending his entire career playing in Miami, Dwayne Wade has decided to part ways with the franchise. His decision came as a result of the disrespect the organization showed its most valuable player. This year will be the first Wade steps onto the court without wearing a Miami Jersey, and the first game in which the future Hall of Famer faces his former home.

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