Spurs vs. Warriors Odds and Predictions, 4/7/16

November 8th, 2019 NBA Basketball

If there was a game for you to bet on NBA action this week, this is it! The Golden State Warriors will host the mighty San Antonio Spurs at Oracle Arena. Fresh after the heartbreaking loss the Warriors had against the Timberwolves. However you want to put it, this game between the two best basketball teams in the world will have high stakes that at first nobody thought possible.

The Warriors recent losses put their chase for the Bulls’ 73 wins record in serious jeopardy, while it also gave new life for the Spurs to try to tie up Golden State at the top of the Western Conference. Still it is a long shot, but mathematically possible.

Golden State Warriors

Oracle Arena was a fortress for the Warriors, where they had the longest winning streak for any NBA team, until the Boston Celtics beat them in good form, and then The Minnesota Timberwolves beat them again in OT in their last game putting their chances of beating the Bulls all time win record in jeopardy. Now, if the Warriors want to beat it, they will have to go 4 for 4 in their last games where they will have to face the Spurs twice, and the Memphis Grizzlies twice. Thrilling upcoming games for NBA betting fans and offshore gambling bettors.

San Antonio Spurs

Greg Popovich couldn’t have asked for a better season scenario. The Spurs have been low key having a phenomenal run in the regular season, that if it weren’t for Golden State’s monumental season, they would be the center of attention. They are coming from behind, and they love it. And as luck would have it, the Spurs appear to enter the end of the regular season looking better than the Warriors.

What you need to know

If you bet on NBA games, take note. Popovich isn’t concerned in flashing or showing out. There is a slight possibility that this game (or the other one they have scheduled against the warriors) that he might rotate the starting 5. This *could* open a window of opportunity for the Warriors to get an easy W. Also, the Warriors do not want the record to slip by their fingers. Say what you will, the record IS a big deal to them and losing it could be a tough blow for them to swallow, especially with the playoffs so close by.


At the time of writing this article, the official line for this game has not been posted by NBA betting sites and offshore gambling pages. However considering the build up for this game, it will be very likely that the Warriors will be the slight favorites coming into this game in a probable -3½, with a money line in the range of -120.


The Warriors are a historic team that is destined for greatness, but their path to immortality will have a setback this Thursday, as the Spurs will edge them out here barely. If you bet on NBA action, we advise that you pick the Spurs to win this game. We predict a final score of 98-96, putting the Warriors in a position to regroup and focus on the upcoming post season, and San Antonio looking stronger than ever.

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