Spurs, Thunder, and Clippers At Top of Western Conference

October 31, 2014 NBA Basketball

basketball player jumping to make layupNBA betting is finally here, and the excitement is off the charts for a season that is full of potential of being one of the most exciting in recent memory. The playing field has been leveled with the return of LeBron James to Cleveland, a healthy Derrick Rose in Chicago and a healthy Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles, and the Spurs’ aging team seeking to repeat their tittle.

What makes this season to be exciting is that there are so many teams to look for, so many talented squads everywhere in the league that you will see tough and close competition through out the league. Here we will preview the Western Conference

First, let’s examine the Western Conference, there are three teams that should be on everybody’s contender’s list: the Spurs, Thunder, and Clippers.

The Western Conference is looking to be a dog fight as not only these three teams are talented to make it all the way, as the Blazers, Rockets, Mavericks, Warriors and Grizzlies are teams talented enough to make it through the to the play offs, and as the season progresses NBA betting lines and odds will evolve.

However, considering the fact that Oklahoma City has star player Kevin Durant injured and with Russell Westbrook’s last night’s hand injury (that will render him inactive at least a month) the OKC Thunder will have the most unfavorable start, but once both Russ and KD return, they will be back for vengeance.

As for the Clippers, with the negative cloud of Donald Sterling gone and having the team unite through adversity, is time for them to reach for the next level.

Finally, the Spurs big three of Ginobili, Parker and Duncan looking as healthy as they did last season, during the preseason showed no signs on slowing down. However, this year Kawhi Leonard is expected to step up and reach stardom level.

The Western Conference will be the exciting force behind the NBA Betting this season.

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