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October 2nd, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting in the NBA can be successful if you handicap properly and one way to do that is to use the travel factor. Teams that are playing in difficult travel spots are sometimes good go-against teams when it comes to NBA hoops betting.  There are situations where a team is playing their third road game in four nights and going against those teams can be very profitable when you are betting NBA games. 

Basketball betting in the NBA will include a lot of teams traveling all over the country. There are some teams that just don’t react well to traveling and get very fatigued. Another factor to consider when you think about travel and analyzing NBA basketball betting plays is how far the team had to go for the game.  Traveling across time zones is never an easy thing to do after having played the previous night.  In fact, traveling across time zones is not easy for any of us, so just think how tough it is if you have to play a game that night. Teams facing that situation are almost always fatigued and very often don’t play up to their potential so keep that in mind when betting NBA games. When a team from the East Coast travels to the West Coast after playing the night before, they are almost always going to play poorly and struggle against the NBA basketball betting spread.

Another way to look at travel in NBA basketball betting is after the road trip is over. Think about how long it takes you to recover after coming home from a long trip. Teams that come home after a long road trip usually don’t do very well in basketball betting in their first game back on their home court.  Remember as you are betting NBA games that the team has to adjust to being back home and take care of getting settled again. That may involve family and other obligations. That can be a big problem in the first game back from a long trip and give good value in basketball betting to the road team.

You might also want to look at totals with this travel factor in NBA basketball betting. In the second of a back-to-back game, or in the third game in four nights, teams may not play very well on the defensive end and that could impact the basketball betting total.

Looking at the travel factor in NBA basketball betting is something you should always do when betting NBA games.

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