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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA odds can be bet more effectively if you are willing to shop for the best line.

The gambler that can shop for the best NBA betting odds will end up making more money than the gambler that doesn’t line shop. It is really that simple.

NBA odds success can oftentimes come down to a single point. A gambler can add to his margin of success by winning or pushing games that he normally would have lost if he didn’t have the advantages of the best NBA betting odds. So many games come down to just a point or two that even a half a point advantage for a gambler will often make the player money. Did you know that if you can turn those pushes into wins and losses into pushes you can add as much as 5% to your overall winning percentage versus the NBA odds? Think about that for a second. Turn yourself from a 50-50 handicapper into a 55% handicapper versus the NBA odds. That makes you money. Go from a 55% handicapper into a 60% one. Now does that half point make a difference at the end of the year versus the NBA odds? You bet it does.

Online sportsbooks offer the gambler more choices in terms of NBA odds than anything you find in Vegas or with a bookie. Sometimes a bookie will turn a “pick’em” game into a minus one line on either team in NBA odds. Some even are worse and make it minus one and a half for both teams. That doesn’t happen at online sportsbooks. The online sportsbooks also offer better parlay and teaser odds as well as more and proposition bets with better NBA odds than anything you see in Vegas.

If you want to make money versus the NBA odds then you need more than one online sportsbook. You must be able to get the best possible NBA betting odds on a game. That doesn’t mean you need 10 online sportsbooks, but it does mean you should have more than one. You should probably have at least three. That gives you some variety in the NBA odds and gives you some options. It would be nice to have more than that, but that is not always a viable option for most people, so sticking to three is not a bad choice in NBA betting odds. Make sure you always search for the best NBA odds you can find. It is well worth your time and effort.

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