Series NBA Playoff Odds at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoff odds are available once the playoffs begin on a game to game basis but they also are on the board before action gets underway with series prices

This is where you bet on a team to win a particular series in NBA playoff odds. Let’s look at series NBA playoff betting.

NBA playoff odds will show a series price before each of the best of seven game series get underway in NBA playoff betting. This type of wager is very attractive because it gives you action throughout the entire series in addition to offering you hedging opportunities if the team you bet on leads at any point during the series. For example, if your team wins the first game in NBA playoff odds, you could hedge by taking the other team at attractive updated NBA playoff odds for the series and lock in a profit. It becomes even more attractive if your team takes a 2-0 lead or 3-1 series lead since you really get a high price on the other team in NBA playoff odds.

Many gamblers forget all about NBA playoff betting series prices. That is their loss. You need to take a look at each series price on the NBA playoff odds board and see where the value lies. You probably won’t get it by taking favorites, especially if you are looking for hedging opportunities in NBA playoff betting. You might get some value in NBA playoff odds in the series on the underdogs though. Let’s say that you like the Jazz and they are +150 against Phoenix in their series. If the Jazz would jump out to a 1-0 or 2-0 lead in the series you could then take the Suns at plus money and guarantee yourself a profit in NBA playoff odds. It is more difficult to lock in profits in this regard by betting favorites in NBA playoff odds with series prices.

Series prices are great to consider in NBA playoff odds so don’t forget about them as the NBA playoffs begin this season. They can offer you a lot of different opportunities to make money from taking the underdog to hedging once the series begins.

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